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Targeted, high-converting assets and content strategy for brands & job seekers who are ready to radically transform how they do business.

Full of potential that no one knows about

Ready to work but not sure how to start

Pouring your energy into building a brand or career... but not getting any traction

I believe you already have everything you need to succeed: vision, talent and commitment. You just need someone to help you with foundational knowledge, a winning strategy and a marketing plan to support your growth.

Why can I preach that message so confidently?

Because I’ve been there myself, and I’ve seen first hand the transformation. I know what it feels like to be:

Whether you’re working on building your business or your career, I want to help you create a future that fuels your mission AND your bank account.

Creating resumes that have landed +100 job seekers dream roles at companies like Apple, Meta, Amazon, Google,  Hubspot, Pokémon and Stanford.
Building blogs, e-books, white papers, web pages and social posts that have been viewed over 2 million times.

Crafting content strategy for a social enterprise that reached thousands and grew his business past $1 million in revenues.

Rebranding an NGO by creating a brand new website full of engaging copy + a marketing strategy that landed them a $40,000 grant within 1 week of launch.

Hosting webinars that have helped global organizations and +8,000 startups scale their businesses.

Leading workshops on how to use LinkedIn for career growth and brand building that have helped dozens of clients get senior level jobs in large tech companies, non profits, CPG brands and NGOs.

Helping a $20 million non-profit enter into a new market, increasing their revenues (and impact!) exponentially.

Some of my biggest wins include:

Speaking at / Hosting Workshops


Digital marketing / Copywriting


Career Coaching


Hey Celina, I want help with:

Now, what can I do for you?

Price: Varies by Package
(More services = bigger discounts!)

We’ll kick off with a FREE 30 minute discovery consultation call where I’ll get to know you, your background and your career goals. 

Next, we'll either jump straight into your resume, or spend some time in career coaching sessions to help you gain clarity on next career steps. 

Once I have a clear understanding of your desired role, I'll create an ATS-optimized resume that you can use to get seen by recruiters fast-track your path to an interview. 

I can also create a high-ranking LinkedIn profile, because resumes are only half the work. LinkedIn is a search engine, so ranking higher in their algorithm will help recruiters find you! #seowhiz

Many clients also book a 1  hour interview coaching session to get help crafting their story, because getting to the table is only the first step.

What you'll get:

Real world feedback from an experienced coach who has been through it all. Interviews, rejection, salary negotiation, case get the gist.

A targeted, high converting resume that speaks to your achievements while aligning your background with what recruiters are seeking. 

An optimized LinkedIn profile that helps recruiters FIND YOU, making the job search that much easier.

A 1 hour interview coaching call + 8 page ebook with everything you need to ace your interviews.

You can look forward to:

Because I know first hand how difficult the job search can be, I offer a bunch of different solutions -- from straight up resume writing to more immersive experiences like interview and career coaching. Whatever you need at this point in your journey, I'll be there to give you the support and guidance you seek so you can achieve your career goals. It's not easy, but it's NOT impossible.

Self doubt and imposter syndrome are real struggles that you’ll fight every day, and questions like, ‘Am I doing this right?’ ‘What am I doing this for?’ and ‘Am I qualified for this role?’ will threaten to throw you off course if you don’t have the right accountability partner to remind you that yes, you CAN do this.

And guess what, that’s me! Your career strategist and personal trainer wrapped up in one energetic coach who won’t be afraid to keep you on track towards success.

In order to land your dream job, you need to have a victory mindset.
But that can be almost impossible to achieve when you’re working on your own day in and day out.

1:1 Career Coaching


Samples of work:

We’ll kick off with a one hour consultation call where I’ll get to know your brand, your audience, your current marketing channels and your growth goals.

Next I'll deliver a comprehensive content strategy that includes management, creation and development of one of the following: 

Web Copy  /  Social Media Posts  /  Email Marketing Funnels  /  Google Ad copy  /  Blogs  /  Thought Leadership Assets (e-books, white papers, reports)  /  Pitch decks  /  Playbooks  / Training Guides

Then, I’ll draft content that speaks directly to your audience and inspires them to engage with your brand, drives them to purchase and turns them into lifelong clients. 

What you'll get:

Digital marketing strategy + creation from an expert who has worked for clients like Google and has been featured in national magazines

Conversion-focused copy that will attract and influence the right audience along every stage of the buyer journey

Killer content delivered on time and on budget so that you can focus your energy and efforts elsewhere while still getting amazing results for your business

You can look forward to:

I help businesses of all sizes grow and scale by creating content that speaks directly to your audience so you can move customers along the buyer's journey.

It's time to create a consistent, EFFECTIVE content strategy so that you aren't spending all of your time trying to get engagement on Instagram, hoping your email sequence inspires action or paying WAY TOO MUCH on websites that don't have a large ROI.

If you're already running your business but don't have the time to create posts that will build your social media platforms, craft the perfect email sequence or design the type of web copy that will make clients PAY YOU to do what you do best, I’ve got great news for you:

Are you ready for a content strategy that drives QUALIFIED leads to your site and improves conversion rates?

Great, then let’s get digital. 

Content Marketing Services


I am the digital mastermind you've been looking for. 

Price: On a project basis (you’re a unique individual, your quote should be too!)

​Price: Inquire for more details
(Let’s find out if we’re a match!)

I’m also happy to create curated content for your specific needs in English, Spanish or Portuguese. 


Content / Digital Marketing Tips & Strategy
Brand Building 101
Creating High Converting Resumes
Entrepreneurship & Startups
Interview Tips to Land a Job
Leveraging LinkedIn for your Career or Business
Go to Market Strategy
Sustainability & Marketing
Storytelling and Captivating Omnichannel Copy

My areas of expertise include:

In my keynote speaking and workshops, I teach corporate teams and job seekers alike my winning marketing, branding and career development strategies accumulated over the past 10 years in order to build stronger teams with clear vision, contagious motivation and actionable next steps.

As a marketer at companies like Google & Facebook and an international marketing consultant, I have the expertise and real world experience needed to add value to diverse audiences. From start-ups experiencing their first sales to large corporations who want to provide employees valuable career progression and LinkedIn branding tips, my trainings will help you set you on a path to success.

In order to experience consistent growth, entrepreneurs and job seekers alike need the same things: motivation, strategy and real world experience. Thankfully, I bring all 3 to the table.

Workshops and Speaking


Sheila Kane, Google

Celina is an expert when it comes to all things marketing and strategy. She is a go getter and the most driven individual I have ever met. You will walk away from her sessions ready to make big changes in your business.

" She is an expert "


Don't think once or twice. Just reach out to Celina! She'll take care of you and help you achieve your wildest dreams! Because of Celina's resume writing and LinkedIn services, I was able to land an interview and earn an offer from my dream company.

Thank you very much for helping me take control of my career journey and realizing what I once thought was impossible a possibility!

" She helped me land my dream job!"


What can I say about Celina? That she helped me define my brand? Create a go to market strategy that surpassed my goals? That she helped me measure my impact and connected me with a large network on artisans who are helping me grow my business? Yes, she did do all of those things. But what I love most about Celina is her passion and fire for her work-- it lights you up and makes you feel like you can do anything and achieve any goal. That is her true superpower.

"A go to market strategy that surpassed my goals"

Alice Dartnell, Life and Success Coach, founder of Success Box 

I had the pleasure of working with Celina for the launch of my personal development book club for my coaching business. She created all the copy I needed for my website and provided wonderful copy that captured what the book club is about, me as a coach and the audience I am trying to attract. Celina has a wonderful ability to understand what you need and what you are trying to achieve, and transfer that into concise, exciting copy you can use to market your product. Working with her saved me so much time, hassle and energy - I'm so glad I worked with her!

" Working with her saved me so much time, hassle and energy"

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