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My secret sauce?

An equal mix of strategy, creativity and belief that anyone is capable of achieving their goals with the right tools & guidance.

I’m a globe-trotting entrepreneur, business coach and marketing consultant who loves to shed light on what it actually takes to start and scale a business (I’ve launched 3 and I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way) 

I'm also a career coach who has worked for major tech companies and can tell you exactly what it takes to land a job at Google, Facebook or YOUR dream company.

My mission in life is to help founders & driven individuals achieve their goals faster with proven frameworks so they can reach more people, create more impact and grow what they love.

I’m Celina

hey there!

Cue the sad music, the montage of me staring in bagel shop windows and weeks of trying to digest horrific gluten free baked goods.

#neveragain (or never again)

Determined to not let my allergy deprive me of a single cake, cookie or muffin, I took action and formed my first business: a vegan gluten free wholesale baking company, so that no New Yorker would ever have to suffer a dry, overpriced gluten free pastry every again.
That journey began in 2011 and eventually led me to Europe, where I honed my expertise of brand building, go to market strategy and creating copy that drives sales with dozens of startups across 15 different countries, including the United States, South America and Southeast Asia.

My story takes place in New York City, where I discovered I was allergic to gluten.’s a combination of vision, strategy and execution that you must commit to every day.

A few years in I realized that if I wanted to scale my impact even further and help thousands of entrepreneurs, I needed to learn from experts in the field. Real world knowledge is great, but I’ve learned first hand that to be a truly effective business strategist, you can’t just depend on the university of Google (as fun as it may be). 

The more you rely on the internet for advice and #workfromanywhere influencers who say that building a business is easy, the longer it will take you to see real results, because business isn’t a one off....

Fun fact about me: I love to travel

...the list goes on!

How to build a brand on social media 

Copywriting that sells

How to land your dream job

Creative storytelling tips and tricks

The importance of validating your idea

Digital marketing strategy

Lean startup methodology

How to scale your personal brand on LinkedIn

Sustainable sourcing +
the power of certifications
for your brand

How to scale your startup past the valley of death

Some of the topics I love to talk about are:

with you.

That was where I learned what it takes to create impactful, outcome-driven digital courses and what inspired me to leave corporate and go back to my roots. 

And now, I want to share the frameworks, strategies and growth mindset that I have seen work time and time again with clients of all sizes and industries 

So I went back to school and got my MBA.

This life changing career move launched me into the tech industry working with thousands of SMB’s (small to medium businesses) at Google, teaching them sales and marketing strategy to help them grow their businesses, and even at Facebook, developing marketing content to help business owners grow their digital reach massively.

Are you ready to rewrite your story?

I’m here to give you all the tips, insider secrets and growth hacks that will take you from overwhelmed and underutilized to informed and in control of your business. 

Great news, founder:

When we work together, These values will permeate everything I do so that when we work together, you are encouraged, inspired and educated on what it takes to build a lasting brand that matters.

They’ve worked for thousands of entrepreneurs and I know they will work for you.

Success isn’t final & failure isn’t fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts

Work hard

Share knowledge

Think different

Live your calling

Creativity is just the beginning 

That’s why I have built my business on 6 principles that are mission critical for founders of all shapes, sizes and industries 

Dreams aren’t powerful until you put them into action.
Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them.
Entrepreneurship is the journey, not the destination.

I  believe:

I’m a firm believer in writing your own story. Words are vehicles that allow us to connect, inspire and transform, and I have been cultivating my art for the better part of 2 decades. Impact reports, training manuals, web copy, ebooks, email name it I’ve done it!

But do you want to know what I love even more than creating amazing content?

Seeing the results it brings for my clients.


My 3 passions in this world are branding, business and boba. You’ll often find me in a boba tea shop slurping down a half sweet black milk tea with oat milk, pearls (and light ice!) while working on my blog or on some new resource for my clients. I love providing as much information and expertise as possible because I believe we grow by sharing knowledge, not overcharging for it.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve been an avid reader. Most Saturdays I can be found in the library (if I’m not at a boba tea bar) diving into a mountain of books. Reading is so much fun and I love learning new methodologies from other industries that I can apply to my business in order to help my clients grow


Over the years I have spent a lot of working time with producers at origin to help collect the stories that sustainable brands need in order to better communicate their impact. Ever since, I have become OBSESSED with all things Fair Trade, including coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, lotion, clothing...the list goes on. I am a firm believer that trade should be relational and not just a transaction, and that profit should never come at the expense of people or planet. 


As a citizen of the world who comes from a family of immigrants, I have come to love international foods with a vegan spin. Feijoada, arepas, Pad kee mao, Egusi…I’ll take that over avocado toast any day. The spicier, the better.


A few of my favorite things

Over the years, I’ve earned the reputation as an overachiever who gets results fast.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to have worked on a lot of different business challenges and come up with creative solutions to solve them, which has given me a toolkit for delivering success to every client I work with regardless of the size of their business or the amount of experience they have. 

My mission is to help you transition from an overwhelmed dreamer to a confident action taker with a clear mission and vision, but that can only happen if YOU make the choice to act on your impulse, listen to your inner voice and take that first step towards building the business you’ve been too scared to start.

Think of me as your personal trainer and coach who refuses to let you walk away from achieving the success that you’ve been dreaming about for too long. 

Fantastic! I’ve already packaged them all up into a nifty roadmap for you. Read this guide to get a step by step PROVEN framework for launching your business. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

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