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girl in bed with job search depression

Job searching sucks. There’s no easy way around it, and if anyone tells you anything different, they’re lying. The good news? If your job search is leaving you stressed, depressed and anxious — you’re not alone.   Searching for a new role can take weeks (let’s be honest, it’s more like months) and during that […]

How to Deal with Rejection & Job Search Depression

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    Video Interviews have quickly become the norm for job seekers in the last few years, and can I share a secret? I couldn’t be happier. When you interview online versus in person, there are so many more hacks available to help you ace your elevator pitch, outline your answers in detail and confidently […]

How to Ace Your Video Interview

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girl on video call

As a career coach who has worked with hundreds of individuals across all phases of the career journey, the #1 question I get asked is:   How do I create a resume that will actually get seen by recruiters?   This question has become more relevant in recent years with the immense popularity of Applicant […]

3 Tips for Creating a Resume that Gets Seen by Recruiters

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Resume writing tips

Raise your hand if you have experienced/are experiencing any of the above symptoms lately:    ✓ exhaustion ✓ stress or irritability ✓ dreading getting out of bed ✓ wiped out with nothing left to give ✓ fantasies of escaping to Bali and never returning   If you raised your hand to any of those checkmarks, you […]

3 tips for fighting burnout

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how to fight burnout

Hey there busy entrepreneur! Do you want to launch a virtual storefront & home for your brand? Fantastic! Steal my tips for creating a website that will convert new customers into lifelong brand advocates. Websites aren’t just a calling card for your brand — they’re actually a hidden sales member on your team. A good […]

Create a website that converts in 5 simple steps

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Create a website

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